G/W big

Green white big creatures

Qty. Name Cost Types Location
1 Aerial Predation
Aerial Predation
{2}{G} Instant main
1 Animation Module
Animation Module
{1} Artifact main
1 Anointed Procession
Anointed Procession
{3}{W} Enchantment main
1 Bane of Bala Ged
Bane of Bala Ged
{7} Creature main
1 Banishing Light
Banishing Light
{2}{W} Enchantment main
1 Beast Within
Beast Within
{2}{G} Instant main
1 Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise
{G} Creature main
1 Birthing Hulk
Birthing Hulk
{6}{G} Creature main
1 Blighted Steppe
Blighted Steppe
Land main
1 Blinding Mage
Blinding Mage
{1}{W} Creature main
1 Burgeoning
{G} Enchantment main
1 Call for Unity
Call for Unity
{3}{W}{W} Enchantment main
1 Cast Out
Cast Out
{3}{W} Enchantment main
1 Chronicler of Heroes
Chronicler of Heroes
{1}{G}{W} Creature main
1 Command Tower
Command Tower
Land main
1 Consulate Crackdown
Consulate Crackdown
{3}{W}{W} Enchantment main
1 Craterhoof Behemoth
Craterhoof Behemoth
{5}{G}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Creeping Mold
Creeping Mold
{2}{G}{G} Sorcery main
1 Crucible of the Spirit Dragon
Crucible of the Spirit Dragon
Land main
1 Desert of the Indomitable
Desert of the Indomitable
Land main
1 Desert of the True
Desert of the True
Land main
1 Desolation Twin
Desolation Twin
{10} Creature main
1 Destructor Dragon
Destructor Dragon
{4}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Disenchant
{1}{W} Instant main
1 Divine Offering
Divine Offering
{1}{W} Instant main
1 Dragonlord Dromoka
Dragonlord Dromoka
{4}{G}{W} Creature main
1 Dromoka, the Eternal
Dromoka, the Eternal
{3}{G}{W} Creature main
1 Elemental Bond
Elemental Bond
{2}{G} Enchantment main
1 Enduring Scalelord
Enduring Scalelord
{4}{G}{W} Creature main
1 Evolving Wilds
Evolving Wilds
Land main
1 Explosive Vegetation
Explosive Vegetation
{3}{G} Sorcery main
1 Feldon's Cane
Feldon's Cane
{1} Artifact main
10 Forest
Land main
1 Hashep Oasis
Hashep Oasis
Land main
1 Haunted Plate Mail
Haunted Plate Mail
{4} Artifact main
1 Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Land main
1 Hedron Archive
Hedron Archive
{4} Artifact main
1 Herdchaser Dragon
Herdchaser Dragon
{5}{G} Creature main
1 Hostile Desert
Hostile Desert
Land main
1 Karametra, God of Harvests
Karametra, God of Harvests
{3}{G}{W} Creature Enchantment main
1 Karmic Guide
Karmic Guide
{3}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Knight of the Reliquary
Knight of the Reliquary
{1}{G}{W} Creature main
1 Lightning Greaves
Lightning Greaves
{2} Artifact main
1 Lotus Cobra
Lotus Cobra
{1}{G} Creature main
1 Majestic Myriarch
Majestic Myriarch
{4}{G} Creature main
1 Mirage Mirror
Mirage Mirror
{3} Artifact main
1 Mirari's Wake
Mirari's Wake
{3}{G}{W} Enchantment main
1 Mirror of the Forebears
Mirror of the Forebears
{2} Artifact main
1 Nature's Claim
Nature's Claim
{G} Instant main
1 Nemesis of Mortals
Nemesis of Mortals
{4}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Nyx-Fleece Ram
Nyx-Fleece Ram
{1}{W} Creature Enchantment main
1 Oketra's Monument
Oketra's Monument
{3} Artifact main
1 Ornithopter
{0} Artifact Creature main
1 Pacifism
{1}{W} Enchantment main
1 Pack Guardian
Pack Guardian
{2}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Panharmonicon
{4} Artifact main
8 Plains
Land main
1 Pristine Talisman
Pristine Talisman
{3} Artifact main
1 Ramunap Excavator
Ramunap Excavator
{2}{G} Creature main
1 Ramunap Hydra
Ramunap Hydra
{3}{G} Creature main
1 Reality Smasher
Reality Smasher
{4}{C} Creature main
1 Reliquary Tower
Reliquary Tower
Land main
1 Revoke Privileges
Revoke Privileges
{2}{W} Enchantment main
1 Scalelord Reckoner
Scalelord Reckoner
{3}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Secluded Steppe
Secluded Steppe
Land main
1 Selesnya Guildgate
Selesnya Guildgate
Land main
1 Shapers' Sanctuary
Shapers' Sanctuary
{G} Enchantment main
1 Sol Ring
Sol Ring
{1} Artifact main
1 Strip Mine
Strip Mine
Land main
1 Sunscorch Regent
Sunscorch Regent
{3}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Sunscorched Desert
Sunscorched Desert
Land main
1 Swords to Plowshares
Swords to Plowshares
{W} Instant main
1 Thran Dynamo
Thran Dynamo
{4} Artifact main
1 Tormod's Crypt
Tormod's Crypt
{0} Artifact main
1 Tranquil Expanse
Tranquil Expanse
Land main
1 Urza's Mine
Urza's Mine
Land main
1 Urza's Power Plant
Urza's Power Plant
Land main
1 Urza's Tower
Urza's Tower
Land main
1 Walking Ballista
Walking Ballista
{X}{X} Artifact Creature main
1 Whirlermaker
{3} Artifact main
1 Winds of Qal Sisma
Winds of Qal Sisma
{1}{G} Instant main
1 Worldly Tutor
Worldly Tutor
{G} Instant main
1 Wrath of God
Wrath of God
{2}{W}{W} Sorcery main
1 Zendikar Resurgent
Zendikar Resurgent
{5}{G}{G} Enchantment main
G/W big
Main Deck
100 / 100
Average Mana Cost
3.53 / 2.26
Last Updated
almost 3 years ago
TCGplayer Market Price
Low - Mid - High
$355.17 - $483.80 - $3,619.41
Urza's Mine (ME4), Urza's Power Plant (ME4), Urza's Tower (ME4)