Qty. Name Cost Types Location
1 Ambassador Oak
Ambassador Oak
{3}{G} Creature main
1 Ancient Ziggurat
Ancient Ziggurat
Land main
1 Anthousa, Setessan Hero
Anthousa, Setessan Hero
{3}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Arashin Foremost
Arashin Foremost
{1}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Arcane Sanctum
Arcane Sanctum
Land main
1 Aurora Champion
Aurora Champion
{2}{W} Creature main
1 Aven Skirmisher
Aven Skirmisher
{W} Creature main
1 Aysen Crusader
Aysen Crusader
{2}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
{1}{G} Creature main
1 Blaring Captain
Blaring Captain
{3}{B} Creature main
1 Blaring Recruiter
Blaring Recruiter
{3}{W} Creature main
1 Blood-Chin Fanatic
Blood-Chin Fanatic
{1}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Blood-Chin Rager
Blood-Chin Rager
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Boldwyr Intimidator
Boldwyr Intimidator
{5}{R}{R} Creature main
1 Bramblewood Paragon
Bramblewood Paragon
{1}{G} Creature main
1 Brighthearth Banneret
Brighthearth Banneret
{1}{R} Creature main
1 Bull-Rush Bruiser
Bull-Rush Bruiser
{3}{R} Creature main
1 Cartouche of Solidarity
Cartouche of Solidarity
{W} Enchantment main
1 Cascading Cataracts
Cascading Cataracts
Land main
1 Cavern of Souls
Cavern of Souls
Land main
1 Chief of the Edge
Chief of the Edge
{W}{B} Creature main
1 Chief of the Scale
Chief of the Scale
{W}{B} Creature main
1 Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
{5} Artifact main
1 Command Tower
Command Tower
Land main
1 Crazed Goblin
Crazed Goblin
{R} Creature main
1 Crumbling Necropolis
Crumbling Necropolis
Land main
1 Decorated Champion
Decorated Champion
{1}{G} Creature main
1 Diplomacy of the Wastes
Diplomacy of the Wastes
{2}{B} Sorcery main
1 Disowned Ancestor
Disowned Ancestor
{B} Creature main
1 Door of Destinies
Door of Destinies
{4} Artifact main
1 Exotic Orchard
Exotic Orchard
Land main
1 Flamekin Brawler
Flamekin Brawler
{R} Creature main
1 Forbidden Orchard
Forbidden Orchard
Land main
1 Forest
Land main
1 Frontier Bivouac
Frontier Bivouac
Land main
1 Glistener Elf
Glistener Elf
{G} Creature main
1 Goblin Balloon Brigade
Goblin Balloon Brigade
{R} Creature main
1 Goblin Bushwhacker
Goblin Bushwhacker
{R} Creature main
1 Goblin Wardriver
Goblin Wardriver
{R}{R} Creature main
1 God-Eternal Oketra
God-Eternal Oketra
{3}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Godo's Irregulars
Godo's Irregulars
{R} Creature main
1 Grixis Grimblade
Grixis Grimblade
{U/R}{B} Creature main
1 Hand of Silumgar
Hand of Silumgar
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Hazezon Tamar
Hazezon Tamar
{4}{R}{G}{W} Creature main
1 Herald of Anafenza
Herald of Anafenza
{W} Creature main
1 Herald of Dromoka
Herald of Dromoka
{1}{W} Creature main
1 Herald's Horn
Herald's Horn
{3} Artifact main
1 Holdout Settlement
Holdout Settlement
Land main
1 Island
Land main
1 Joraga Warcaller
Joraga Warcaller
{G} Creature main
1 Jungle Delver
Jungle Delver
{G} Creature main
1 Jungle Shrine
Jungle Shrine
Land main
1 Kashi-Tribe Warriors
Kashi-Tribe Warriors
{3}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Khenra Charioteer
Khenra Charioteer
{1}{R}{G} Creature main
1 Kindred Boon
Kindred Boon
{2}{W}{W} Enchantment main
1 Kindred Charge
Kindred Charge
{4}{R}{R} Sorcery main
1 Kindred Discovery
Kindred Discovery
{3}{U}{U} Enchantment main
1 Kindred Dominance
Kindred Dominance
{5}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Kindred Summons
Kindred Summons
{5}{G}{G} Instant main
1 Kjeldoran Warrior
Kjeldoran Warrior
{W} Creature main
1 Mardu Charm
Mardu Charm
{R}{W}{B} Instant main
1 Mardu Hateblade
Mardu Hateblade
{W} Creature main
1 Mardu Shadowspear
Mardu Shadowspear
{B} Creature main
1 Mardu Woe-Reaper
Mardu Woe-Reaper
{W} Creature main
1 Mindblade Render
Mindblade Render
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Mist-Cloaked Herald
Mist-Cloaked Herald
{U} Creature main
1 Mountain
Land main
1 Mystic Monastery
Mystic Monastery
Land main
1 Najeela, the Blade-Blossom
Najeela, the Blade-Blossom
{2}{R} Creature main
1 Nath of the Gilt-Leaf
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf
{3}{B}{G} Creature main
1 Nimbus Champion
Nimbus Champion
{5}{U} Creature main
1 Nomad Outpost
Nomad Outpost
Land main
1 Null Champion
Null Champion
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Obelisk of Urd
Obelisk of Urd
{6} Artifact main
1 Oketra's Monument
Oketra's Monument
{3} Artifact main
1 Opulent Palace
Opulent Palace
Land main
1 Path of Ancestry
Path of Ancestry
Land main
1 Pelt Collector
Pelt Collector
{G} Creature main
1 Plains
Land main
1 Raiders' Spoils
Raiders' Spoils
{3}{B} Enchantment main
1 Rhys the Redeemed
Rhys the Redeemed
{G/W} Creature main
1 Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd
{3}{R} Sorcery main
1 Rush of Battle
Rush of Battle
{3}{W} Sorcery main
1 Rushblade Commander
Rushblade Commander
{B}{R} Creature main
1 Sandsteppe Citadel
Sandsteppe Citadel
Land main
1 Savage Lands
Savage Lands
Land main
1 Seaside Citadel
Seaside Citadel
Land main
1 Secure the Wastes
Secure the Wastes
{X}{W} Instant main
1 Shanna, Sisay's Legacy
Shanna, Sisay's Legacy
{G}{W} Creature main
1 Shared Triumph
Shared Triumph
{1}{W} Enchantment main
1 Sunblade Elf
Sunblade Elf
{G} Creature main
1 Swamp
Land main
1 Take Up Arms
Take Up Arms
{4}{W} Instant main
1 Tenacious Dead
Tenacious Dead
{B} Creature main
1 Thrasher Brute
Thrasher Brute
{3}{B} Creature main
1 Unclaimed Territory
Unclaimed Territory
Land main
1 Unstoppable Ash
Unstoppable Ash
{3}{G} Creature main
1 Vanquisher's Banner
Vanquisher's Banner
{5} Artifact main
1 Wild Nacatl
Wild Nacatl
{G} Creature main
1 Zulaport Enforcer
Zulaport Enforcer
{B} Creature main
Main Deck
100 / 100
Average Mana Cost
2.86 / 2.17
Last Updated
almost 2 years ago
TCGplayer Market Price
Low - Mid - High
$174.15 - $273.21 - $2,649.22
Aysen Crusader (ME2), Hazezon Tamar (ME3), Cavern of Souls (PUMA), Plains (WAR), Island (WAR), Swamp (WAR), Mountain (WAR), Forest (WAR)