Qty. Name Cost Types Location
3 Adorned Pouncer
Adorned Pouncer
{1}{W} Creature main
3 Angelfire Ignition
Angelfire Ignition
{1}{R}{W} Sorcery main
1 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
{2}{R}{W} Creature side
4 Balefire Liege
Balefire Liege
{2}{R/W}{R/W}{R/W} Creature main
1 Boros Charm
Boros Charm
{R}{W} Instant side
4 Boros Guildgate
Boros Guildgate
Land main
4 Boros Swiftblade
Boros Swiftblade
{R}{W} Creature main
1 Brave the Elements
Brave the Elements
{W} Instant main
2 Cathars' Crusade
Cathars' Crusade
{3}{W}{W} Enchantment main
1 Cleansing Nova
Cleansing Nova
{3}{W}{W} Sorcery main
2 Deafening Clarion
Deafening Clarion
{1}{R}{W} Sorcery main
1 Efreet Flamepainter
Efreet Flamepainter
{3}{R} Creature main
1 Fabled Hero
Fabled Hero
{1}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Feather, the Redeemed
Feather, the Redeemed
{R}{W}{W} Creature side
3 Fencing Ace
Fencing Ace
{1}{W} Creature main
1 Hearthfire Hobgoblin
Hearthfire Hobgoblin
{R/W}{R/W}{R/W} Creature main
1 Immortal Servitude
Immortal Servitude
{X}{W/B}{W/B}{W/B} Sorcery main
1 Infuriate
{R} Instant side
1 Integrity // Intervention
Integrity // Intervention
{R/W} Instant side
1 Invigorated Rampage
Invigorated Rampage
{1}{R} Instant main
1 Iroas's Champion
Iroas's Champion
{1}{R}{W} Creature main
2 Justice Strike
Justice Strike
{R}{W} Instant main
4 Legion's Initiative
Legion's Initiative
{R}{W} Enchantment main
1 Lorehold Command
Lorehold Command
{3}{R}{W} Instant main
1 Loxodon Warhammer
Loxodon Warhammer
{3} Artifact main
2 Martial Glory
Martial Glory
{R}{W} Instant main
1 Mirran Crusader
Mirran Crusader
{1}{W}{W} Creature side
8 Mountain
Land main
4 Needle Spires
Needle Spires
Land main
2 Path to Exile
Path to Exile
{W} Instant main
10 Plains
Land main
2 Rip Apart
Rip Apart
{R}{W} Sorcery main
1 Storm of Souls
Storm of Souls
{4}{W}{W} Sorcery main
2 Sunforger
{3} Artifact main
1 Sunhome Guildmage
Sunhome Guildmage
{R}{W} Creature side
4 Swiftblade Vindicator
Swiftblade Vindicator
{R}{W} Creature main
1 Titan's Strength
Titan's Strength
{R} Instant main
Main Deck
77 / 60
Average Mana Cost
2.75 / 1.82
Last Updated
8 days ago
TCGplayer Market Price
Low - Mid - High
$29.84 - $56.96 - $3,616.10
Sunforger (CMR), Boros Guildgate (CMR), Boros Swiftblade (GK1), Martial Glory (GK1), Plains (SNC), Mountain (SNC), Storm of Souls (VOC)
Illegal Cards
Brave the Elements, Loxodon Warhammer, Sunforger, Legion's Initiative, Boros Swiftblade, Martial Glory, Sunhome Guildmage, Immortal Servitude, Balefire Liege, Mirran Crusader, Hearthfire Hobgoblin, Path to Exile, Boros Charm, Titan's Strength, Iroas's Champion, Fabled Hero, Storm of Souls, Needle Spires