Oona Faeries

Qty. Name Cost Types Location
1 Arcane Denial
Arcane Denial
{1}{U} Instant main
1 Ashnod's Altar
Ashnod's Altar
{3} Artifact main
1 Beseech the Queen
Beseech the Queen
{2/B}{2/B}{2/B} Sorcery main
1 Bitterblossom
{1}{B} Enchantment Tribal main
1 Body Double
Body Double
{4}{U} Creature main
1 Cloud of Faeries
Cloud of Faeries
{1}{U} Creature main
1 Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
{5} Artifact main
1 Command Tower
Command Tower
Land main
1 Commander's Sphere
Commander's Sphere
{3} Artifact main
1 Consuming Aberration
Consuming Aberration
{3}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Counterspell
{U}{U} Instant main
1 Curse of Verbosity
Curse of Verbosity
{2}{U} Enchantment main
1 Cyclonic Rift
Cyclonic Rift
{1}{U} Instant main
1 Dictate of Kruphix
Dictate of Kruphix
{1}{U}{U} Enchantment main
1 Dimir Aqueduct
Dimir Aqueduct
Land main
1 Dimir Signet
Dimir Signet
{2} Artifact main
1 Dire Undercurrents
Dire Undercurrents
{3}{U/B}{U/B} Enchantment main
1 Drowned Catacomb
Drowned Catacomb
Land main
1 Emergence Zone
Emergence Zone
Land main
1 Evil Twin
Evil Twin
{2}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Exotic Orchard
Exotic Orchard
Land main
1 Faerie Artisans
Faerie Artisans
{3}{U} Creature main
1 Faerie Formation
Faerie Formation
{4}{U} Creature main
1 Faerie Harbinger
Faerie Harbinger
{3}{U} Creature main
1 Faerie Seer
Faerie Seer
{U} Creature main
1 Faerie Swarm
Faerie Swarm
{3}{U} Creature main
1 Fellwar Stone
Fellwar Stone
{2} Artifact main
1 Fleet Swallower
Fleet Swallower
{5}{U}{U} Creature main
1 Gilded Lotus
Gilded Lotus
{5} Artifact main
1 Glen Elendra Archmage
Glen Elendra Archmage
{3}{U} Creature main
1 Glen Elendra Liege
Glen Elendra Liege
{1}{U/B}{U/B}{U/B} Creature main
1 Go for the Throat
Go for the Throat
{1}{B} Instant main
16 Island
Land main
1 Jace Beleren
Jace Beleren
{1}{U}{U} Planeswalker main
1 Kindred Dominance
Kindred Dominance
{5}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Lightning Greaves
Lightning Greaves
{2} Artifact main
1 Mana Geode
Mana Geode
{3} Artifact main
1 Memory Plunder
Memory Plunder
{U/B}{U/B}{U/B}{U/B} Instant main
1 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker
Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker
{3}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Mission Briefing
Mission Briefing
{U}{U} Instant main
1 Mystic Remora
Mystic Remora
{U} Enchantment main
1 Nightveil Predator
Nightveil Predator
{U}{U}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Nightveil Specter
Nightveil Specter
{U/B}{U/B}{U/B} Creature main
1 Nightveil Sprite
Nightveil Sprite
{1}{U} Creature main
1 Notion Rain
Notion Rain
{1}{U}{B} Sorcery main
1 Notion Thief
Notion Thief
{2}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Oona's Blackguard
Oona's Blackguard
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Oona, Queen of the Fae
Oona, Queen of the Fae
{3}{U/B}{U/B}{U/B} Creature main
1 Patient Rebuilding
Patient Rebuilding
{3}{U}{U} Enchantment main
1 Pilfered Plans
Pilfered Plans
{1}{U}{B} Sorcery main
1 Pongify
{U} Instant main
1 Psychic Corrosion
Psychic Corrosion
{2}{U} Enchantment main
1 Puppeteer Clique
Puppeteer Clique
{3}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Reality Shift
Reality Shift
{1}{U} Instant main
1 Reliquary Tower
Reliquary Tower
Land main
1 Rhystic Study
Rhystic Study
{2}{U} Enchantment main
1 Sapphire Medallion
Sapphire Medallion
{2} Artifact main
1 Scheming Symmetry
Scheming Symmetry
{B} Sorcery main
1 Scion of Oona
Scion of Oona
{2}{U} Creature main
1 Secluded Glen
Secluded Glen
Land main
1 Sire of Stagnation
Sire of Stagnation
{4}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Skullclamp
{1} Artifact main
1 Sol Ring
Sol Ring
{1} Artifact main
1 Solemn Simulacrum
Solemn Simulacrum
{4} Artifact Creature main
1 Sower of Temptation
Sower of Temptation
{2}{U}{U} Creature main
1 Spellstutter Sprite
Spellstutter Sprite
{1}{U} Creature main
1 Stolen Identity
Stolen Identity
{4}{U}{U} Sorcery main
11 Swamp
Land main
1 Swan Song
Swan Song
{U} Instant main
1 Swiftfoot Boots
Swiftfoot Boots
{2} Artifact main
1 Tamiyo's Epiphany
Tamiyo's Epiphany
{3}{U} Sorcery main
1 Temple of the False God
Temple of the False God
Land main
1 Thief of Sanity
Thief of Sanity
{1}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Thran Dynamo
Thran Dynamo
{4} Artifact main
1 Treasure Cruise
Treasure Cruise
{7}{U} Sorcery main
Oona Faeries
Main Deck
100 / 100
Average Mana Cost
3.4 / 2.21
Last Updated
over 1 year ago
TCGplayer Market Price
Low - Mid - High
$272.91 - $382.78 - $1,070.99
Island (C19), Swamp (C19), Stolen Identity (GK1), Consuming Aberration (GK1), Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker (GK1), Nightveil Specter (GK1), Dimir Signet (GK1), Mystic Remora (ME1), Bitterblossom (PUMA), Cloud of Faeries (VMA)