Sorin Markov Lore Deck

Qty. Name Cost Types Location
1 Anguished Unmaking
Anguished Unmaking
{1}{W}{B} Instant main
1 Anowon, the Ruin Sage
Anowon, the Ruin Sage
{3}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Archangel Avacyn
Archangel Avacyn
{3}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Arterial Flow
Arterial Flow
{1}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Avacyn's Judgment
Avacyn's Judgment
{1}{R} Sorcery main
1 Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Avacyn, Angel of Hope
{5}{W}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Avacyn, Guardian Angel
Avacyn, Guardian Angel
{2}{W}{W}{W} Creature main
1 Barter in Blood
Barter in Blood
{2}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Bishop of the Bloodstained
Bishop of the Bloodstained
{3}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Bitter Revelation
Bitter Revelation
{3}{B} Sorcery main
1 Blood Crypt
Blood Crypt
Land main
1 Blood Tribute
Blood Tribute
{4}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Bloodflow Connoisseur
Bloodflow Connoisseur
{2}{B} Creature main
1 Bloodstained Mire
Bloodstained Mire
Land main
1 Bojuka Bog
Bojuka Bog
Land main
1 Boros Garrison
Boros Garrison
Land main
1 Boros Signet
Boros Signet
{2} Artifact main
1 Call the Bloodline
Call the Bloodline
{1}{B} Enchantment main
1 Campaign of Vengeance
Campaign of Vengeance
{3}{W}{B} Enchantment main
1 Captivating Vampire
Captivating Vampire
{1}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Chosen of Markov
Chosen of Markov
{2}{B} Creature main
1 Clifftop Retreat
Clifftop Retreat
Land main
1 Command Tower
Command Tower
Land main
1 Consume Spirit
Consume Spirit
{X}{1}{B} Sorcery main
1 Crux of Fate
Crux of Fate
{3}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Day of Judgment
Day of Judgment
{2}{W}{W} Sorcery main
1 Deadly Wanderings
Deadly Wanderings
{3}{B}{B} Enchantment main
1 Declaration in Stone
Declaration in Stone
{1}{W} Sorcery main
1 Door of Destinies
Door of Destinies
{4} Artifact main
1 Dragonskull Summit
Dragonskull Summit
Land main
1 Dreamstone Hedron
Dreamstone Hedron
{6} Artifact main
1 Edgar Markov
Edgar Markov
{3}{R}{W}{B} Creature main
1 Exotic Orchard
Exotic Orchard
Land main
1 Eye of Ugin
Eye of Ugin
Land main
1 Feast of Blood
Feast of Blood
{1}{B} Sorcery main
1 Foreboding Ruins
Foreboding Ruins
Land main
1 Gilded Lotus
Gilded Lotus
{5} Artifact main
1 Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Land main
1 Hedron Archive
Hedron Archive
{4} Artifact main
1 Helvault
{3} Artifact main
1 Indulgent Aristocrat
Indulgent Aristocrat
{B} Creature main
1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
{2}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Liliana Vess
Liliana Vess
{3}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Liliana, the Last Hope
Liliana, the Last Hope
{1}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Luxury Suite
Luxury Suite
Land main
1 Malakir Bloodwitch
Malakir Bloodwitch
{3}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Mark of the Vampire
Mark of the Vampire
{3}{B} Enchantment main
1 Markov Blademaster
Markov Blademaster
{1}{R}{R} Creature main
1 Markov Crusader
Markov Crusader
{4}{B} Creature main
1 Markov Dreadknight
Markov Dreadknight
{3}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Markov Patrician
Markov Patrician
{2}{B} Creature main
1 Markov Warlord
Markov Warlord
{5}{R} Creature main
1 Merciless Resolve
Merciless Resolve
{2}{B} Instant main
1 Monomania
{3}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Mortify
{1}{W}{B} Instant main
3 Mountain
Land main
1 New Blood
New Blood
{2}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Nomad Outpost
Nomad Outpost
Land main
1 Oath of Liliana
Oath of Liliana
{2}{B} Enchantment main
1 Olivia Voldaren
Olivia Voldaren
{2}{B}{R} Creature main
1 Olivia's Bloodsworn
Olivia's Bloodsworn
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Olivia's Dragoon
Olivia's Dragoon
{1}{B} Creature main
1 Olivia, Mobilized for War
Olivia, Mobilized for War
{1}{B}{R} Creature main
1 Ophiomancer
{2}{B} Creature main
1 Orzhov Basilica
Orzhov Basilica
Land main
1 Orzhov Signet
Orzhov Signet
{2} Artifact main
3 Plains
Land main
1 Rakdos Carnarium
Rakdos Carnarium
Land main
1 Rakdos Signet
Rakdos Signet
{2} Artifact main
1 Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool
Land main
1 Reliquary Tower
Reliquary Tower
Land main
1 Repay in Kind
Repay in Kind
{5}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Smoldering Marsh
Smoldering Marsh
Land main
1 Sol Ring
Sol Ring
{1} Artifact main
1 Sorin Markov
Sorin Markov
{3}{B}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Sorin's Thirst
Sorin's Thirst
{B}{B} Instant main
1 Sorin's Vengeance
Sorin's Vengeance
{4}{B}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Sorin, Grim Nemesis
Sorin, Grim Nemesis
{4}{W}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
{2}{W}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Sorin, Solemn Visitor
Sorin, Solemn Visitor
{2}{W}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Spectral Procession
Spectral Procession
{2/W}{2/W}{2/W} Sorcery main
7 Swamp
Land main
1 Thran Dynamo
Thran Dynamo
{4} Artifact main
1 Traitorous Blood
Traitorous Blood
{1}{R}{R} Sorcery main
1 Ugin's Construct
Ugin's Construct
{4} Artifact Creature main
1 Uncanny Speed
Uncanny Speed
{1}{R} Instant main
1 Vanquisher's Banner
Vanquisher's Banner
{5} Artifact main
1 Vault of the Archangel
Vault of the Archangel
Land main
1 Victim of Night
Victim of Night
{B}{B} Instant main
1 Vindicate
{1}{W}{B} Sorcery main
Sorin Markov Lore Deck
Main Deck
100 / 100
Average Mana Cost
3.85 / 2.62
Last Updated
almost 2 years ago
TCGplayer Market Price
Low - Mid - High
$474.42 - $631.00 - $2,957.01
Chosen of Markov // Markov's Servant (DKA), Boros Signet (GK1), Boros Garrison (GK1), Sorin Markov (MED), Ugin's Construct (UGIN), Archangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the Purifier (V17)