Absorb Vis
Aetherflux Reservoir
Agent of Masks
Ajani's Mantra
Ajani's Pridemate
Ajani's Welcome
Alhammarret's Archive
Alms of the Vein
Angel's Feather
Angel's Mercy
Angelic Chorus
Apothecary Initiate
Arashin Cleric
Archangel of Thune
Archfiend of Despair
Arterial Flow
Ashes of the Abhorrent
Auriok Champion
Authority of the Consuls
Basilica Guards
Basilica Screecher
Battle at the Bridge
Blind Obedience
Blood Artist
Blood Tithe
Blood Tribute
Bloodbond Vampire
Bloodborn Scoundrels
Bloodchief Ascension
Bloodhunter Bat
Bontu the Glorified
Bontu's Monument
Boon Reflection
Cathedral Sanctifier
Celestial Force
Chainer's Torment
Chaplain's Blessing
Consume Spirit
Covenant of Blood
Cradle of Vitality
Crypt Ghast
Crypt Incursion
Curse of Vengeance
Dark Nourishment
Defiant Bloodlord
Demon's Horn
Divine Favor
Elixir of Immortality
Ephara's Radiance
Epicure of Blood
Erebos, God of the Dead
Essence Extraction
Essence Feed
Essence Harvest
Exquisite Blood
Falkenrath Noble
Felidar Sovereign
Golem's Heart
Imposing Sovereign
Inspiring Cleric
Kambal, Consul of Allocation
Kingpin's Pet
Knight of Obligation
Kokusho, the Evening Star
Last Caress
Leonin Elder
Lich's Caress
Lone Missionary
Luxa River Shrine
Malakir Bloodwitch
Malakir Familiar
Maw of the Mire
Narrow Escape
Pontiff of Blight
Prism Ring
Pristine Talisman
Rhox Faithmender
Sanctum Seeker
Sanguine Bond
Scrib Nibblers
Serra Ascendant
Shamble Back
Skymarch Bloodletter
Sorin Markov
Sorin's Thirst
Sorin's Vengeance
Soul Feast
Soul Spike
Sovereign's Bite
Staff of the Death Magus
Staff of the Sun Magus
Suffer the Past
Syndic of Tithes
Syndicate Enforcer
Syphon Life
Syphon Soul
Tablet of the Guilds
Tainted Remedy
Taste of Blood
Temporal Extortion
Tendrils of Agony
Tendrils of Corruption
Thrull Parasite
Tithe Drinker
Treasury Thrull
Trespasser's Curse
Twilight Prophet
Urborg Syphon-Mage
Vampire Neonate
Vampire Sovereign
Vizkopa Confessor