Qty. Name Cost Types Location
1 Ajani Steadfast
Ajani Steadfast
{3}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Ajani Unyielding
Ajani Unyielding
{4}{G}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Ajani, Mentor of Heroes
Ajani, Mentor of Heroes
{3}{G}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Ajani, the Greathearted
Ajani, the Greathearted
{2}{G}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Ajani, Valiant Protector
Ajani, Valiant Protector
{4}{G}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Ajani, Wise Counselor
Ajani, Wise Counselor
{3}{W}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Altar of Shadows
Altar of Shadows
{7} Artifact main
1 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
{1}{U}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Astral Cornucopia
Astral Cornucopia
{X}{X}{X} Artifact main
1 Atraxa, Praetors' Voice
Atraxa, Praetors' Voice
{G}{W}{U}{B} Creature main
1 Black Market
Black Market
{3}{B}{B} Enchantment main
1 Blighted Agent
Blighted Agent
{1}{U} Creature main
1 Blightsteel Colossus
Blightsteel Colossus
{12} Artifact Creature main
1 Clearwater Goblet
Clearwater Goblet
{5} Artifact main
1 Command Tower
Command Tower
Land main
1 Contagion Engine
Contagion Engine
{6} Artifact main
1 Contentious Plan
Contentious Plan
{1}{U} Sorcery main
1 Corrupted Conscience
Corrupted Conscience
{3}{U}{U} Enchantment main
1 Courage in Crisis
Courage in Crisis
{2}{G} Sorcery main
1 Darksteel Reactor
Darksteel Reactor
{4} Artifact main
1 Demonic Tutor
Demonic Tutor
{1}{B} Sorcery main
1 Diabolic Tutor
Diabolic Tutor
{2}{B}{B} Sorcery main
1 Doubling Season
Doubling Season
{4}{G} Enchantment main
1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
Elspeth, Knight-Errant
{2}{W}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Enlightened Tutor
Enlightened Tutor
{W} Instant main
1 Eternity Vessel
Eternity Vessel
{6} Artifact main
1 Everflowing Chalice
Everflowing Chalice
{0} Artifact main
1 Evolution Sage
Evolution Sage
{2}{G} Creature main
1 Exotic Orchard
Exotic Orchard
Land main
1 Flux Channeler
Flux Channeler
{2}{U} Creature main
4 Forest
Land main
1 Fuel for the Cause
Fuel for the Cause
{2}{U}{U} Instant main
1 Garruk, Apex Predator
Garruk, Apex Predator
{5}{B}{G} Planeswalker main
1 Gideon of the Trials
Gideon of the Trials
{1}{W}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Gideon, the Oathsworn
Gideon, the Oathsworn
{4}{W}{W} Planeswalker main
1 Grateful Apparition
Grateful Apparition
{1}{W} Creature main
1 Grim Affliction
Grim Affliction
{2}{B} Instant main
1 Guildpact Informant
Guildpact Informant
{2}{U} Creature main
1 Hand of the Praetors
Hand of the Praetors
{3}{B} Creature main
1 Huatli's Raptor
Huatli's Raptor
{G}{W} Creature main
1 Inexorable Tide
Inexorable Tide
{3}{U}{U} Enchantment main
4 Island
Land main
1 Jace, Architect of Thought
Jace, Architect of Thought
{2}{U}{U} Planeswalker main
1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
{2}{U}{U} Planeswalker main
1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
{3}{U}{U} Planeswalker main
1 Karn's Bastion
Karn's Bastion
Land main
1 Karn, the Great Creator
Karn, the Great Creator
{4} Planeswalker main
1 Kiora's Dambreaker
Kiora's Dambreaker
{5}{U} Creature main
1 Kiora, the Crashing Wave
Kiora, the Crashing Wave
{2}{G}{U} Planeswalker main
1 Liliana of the Dark Realms
Liliana of the Dark Realms
{2}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Liliana, the Last Hope
Liliana, the Last Hope
{1}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Mana Confluence
Mana Confluence
Land main
1 Martyr for the Cause
Martyr for the Cause
{1}{W} Creature main
1 Merfolk Skydiver
Merfolk Skydiver
{G}{U} Creature main
1 Nissa, Worldwaker
Nissa, Worldwaker
{3}{G}{G} Planeswalker main
1 Ob Nixilis Reignited
Ob Nixilis Reignited
{3}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Phyrexian Crusader
Phyrexian Crusader
{1}{B}{B} Creature main
1 Phyrexian Swarmlord
Phyrexian Swarmlord
{4}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Plaguemaw Beast
Plaguemaw Beast
{3}{G}{G} Creature main
3 Plains
Land main
1 Planar Bridge
Planar Bridge
{6} Artifact main
1 Planewide Celebration
Planewide Celebration
{5}{G}{G} Sorcery main
1 Pollenbright Druid
Pollenbright Druid
{1}{G} Creature main
1 Quicksilver Elemental
Quicksilver Elemental
{3}{U}{U} Creature main
1 Reaper of Sheoldred
Reaper of Sheoldred
{4}{B} Creature main
1 Roalesk, Apex Hybrid
Roalesk, Apex Hybrid
{2}{G}{G}{U} Creature main
1 Rupture Spire
Rupture Spire
Land main
1 Sigil of Distinction
Sigil of Distinction
{X} Artifact main
1 Sorin Markov
Sorin Markov
{3}{B}{B}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Sorin, Grim Nemesis
Sorin, Grim Nemesis
{4}{W}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
{2}{W}{B} Planeswalker main
1 Spinebiter
{4}{G}{G} Creature main
1 Spread the Sickness
Spread the Sickness
{4}{B} Sorcery main
1 Steady Progress
Steady Progress
{2}{U} Instant main
5 Swamp
Land main
1 Tezzeret's Gambit
Tezzeret's Gambit
{3}{U/P} Sorcery main
1 Thran Quarry
Thran Quarry
Land main
1 Throne of Geth
Throne of Geth
{2} Artifact main
1 Thrummingbird
{1}{U} Creature main
1 Transguild Promenade
Transguild Promenade
Land main
1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
{8} Planeswalker main
1 Viral Drake
Viral Drake
{3}{U} Creature main
1 Vivid Creek
Vivid Creek
Land main
1 Vivid Grove
Vivid Grove
Land main
1 Vivid Marsh
Vivid Marsh
Land main
1 Vivid Meadow
Vivid Meadow
Land main
1 Vivien Reid
Vivien Reid
{3}{G}{G} Planeswalker main
1 Wanderer's Strike
Wanderer's Strike
{4}{W} Sorcery main
Main Deck
100 / 100
Average Mana Cost
4.21 / 3.07
Last Updated
10 months ago
TCGplayer Market Price
Low - Mid - High
$618.27 - $831.32 - $2,483.91
Plains (M19), Island (M19), Swamp (M19), Forest (M19), Karn, the Great Creator (WAR), Ajani, the Greathearted (WAR)